Diana Tetlow

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Diana Tetlow was an English artist who lived in Bermuda for 40 years.

During that time she earned her living painting portrait commissions in Bermuda, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States.

Prior to 2009 she worked in pastel as well as oils, and since then has been teaching oil painting.

The diversity of subjects that interested her has resulted in her paintings being exhibited in many Bermudian galleries as well as four solo shows, including an exhibition resulting from her visit to the Maasai in Tanzania.

Her three-dimensional work includes a bronze statue of Prospero, which is awarded by the Bermuda International Film Festival for lifetime achievement in film.

She has been involved in Bermudian theatre, as a trained costume designer and extended this skill to include prosthetic make up in order to "re-create" Mark Twain for a one-man show. She has also constructed a life-sized puppet with such local popularity he has been awarded a "Best of Bermuda" award.

All the paintings displayed on this site are examples of previous commissions or works that are now in private collections.

Diana has just added a beautiful collection of Bermuda roses to her portfolio and a lovely painting of her granddaughter.

Read about her show of Tinker’s Roses which were on display at Bermuda Arts Centre in Dockyard or here to read another Royal Gazette Story.

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